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  In order to build for the Focus Plus you will need to integrate your apps with the Wave SDK.  For more information about Focus and Wave development check out our Vive Developer Resources SiteYou can find both the Wave SDK and Documentation linked from this Resource page.  If you’re a Unity Developer, then Getting Started with Unity and Wave SDK will be very helpful. If you’re looking for community help, be sure to visit the Wave SDK Forum to find answers to your questions or to ask new ones you may have.

    You can find best practices for HMD and controller tracking - Room Setup and Controller Tracking Tips

   Read the Vive Focus Plus User Guide to get acquainted with it.  Make sure to update your HMD to the latest ROM (currently version 4.14.623.x). You can update the device by tapping on the controller’s Vive button and then  > Settings > System Update (Note: You must be connected via Wi-Fi in order to receive system updates).

   If you need to debug your app, check out this post about ADB Logcat


   Once you’re ready to publish your app on Viveport, visit the Viveport Developer Console.   


  If you need inspiration, feel free to find some fun right away and get to know some of the Wave experiences.  Visit the Viveport M store in the HMD and peruse the titles with the 6+6dof label. This label indicates that the experience is compatible with the 6dof headset and the 6dof controllers.

  Here are some great suggestions:

   Browse the Virtual Web with Firefox Reality.

    Download Sureshot: RPO Edition. In this Ready Player One app you can freely move and shoot in full room scale glory!

    Check out Skyworld Kingdom Brawl, which is Vive Studios’ tactical card-battler, Clash Royale-inspired collaboration with Vertigo Games.

     Or try Kingdom of Blades for some sword swinging, shield bashing action!

   If you’re looking to purchase a Focus Plus, they are available at this link https://enterprise.vive.com/us/focus-plus/. For bulk orders, please reach out to your Vive contact for more information.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to experiencing what you create.

  See you in VR,

  Justin and the Vive Team

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