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HDCP Error


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On 12/20/2019 at 12:07 PM, RVal said:

Has anyone figured this out yet?  We still have this same issue for two (2) months now, and no one seems to have an adequate solution.  I have done Factory Reset, Reinstalled Windows 10 twice, BIOS Firmware update, and many other things with Drivers and Settings.  Nothing works.  I plug headset into another laptop, and it lights right up, but that laptop does not have adequate for HTC Vive to allow it to configure. 

Please note, my HDMI port works fine when I plug laptop to TV.  No errors on GPU in Device Manager.  I can see the VR games playing on my laptop, but it just won't light up the headset and display the games.

I read so many other posts on other websites, and some people resolved it with older GPU Driver versions, but none of those older Drivers seem to work for my system.  I attached updated system files.  Could anyone help?

SteamVR-2019-12-18-PM_02_36_09.txt 1.42 MB · 1 download msinfo32.nfo 1.73 MB · 1 download


We finally figured out the real issue.  The HTC Vive 3-in-1 Cable is bad.  I had to order a new one because HTC Vive would not honor their warranty again, even though this problem started happening over two (2) months ago.  The issue was this 3-in-1 cable all along, but since it took so long to troubleshoot it, my warranty has since expired, so HTC Vive will not honor their warranty.

We did not even open the boxes containing the HTC Vive VR System until my kids woke up Christmas morning, 12/25/2018.  So, my warranty should actually still be in effect today because we have not even installed and used it for 1-year yet.

Special thanks to HTC Vive's excellent troubleshooter named Jeisson!  He was brilliant in how he figured this out, and he was able to confirm it to be the actual issue.  He stuck this one out to the bitter end.

I hope this helps others here, who could very well have this same issue.  During these past two (2) months of troubleshooting, I have seen many people online who are getting the same errors and symptoms, so please ensure you check this 3-in-1 cable issue out in depth.

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Hi guys
Just had the same issue with an HTC Vive on my RTX2060, My Oculus Rift CV1 worked perfectly. after searching everywhere for a fix and finding nothing I ended up just unplugging my Main Monitor out of the Displayport and using my older monitor on DVI then plugged in the VIVE and it worked a treat. playing VR for hours now on the vive. Not sure how I can run both a DisplayPort and the vive on HDMI, hopefully Nvidia can sort out some drivers to fix this issue

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