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Possible to turn off all wireless and bluetooth?

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We have a customer who does not permit Bluetooth and wireless in their premises. Our simulation system uses Vive. We can bypass the Vive Link Box if necessary (eliminating the Bluetooth my understanding) since we are using passive marker tracking (Optitrack), but I believe there is still some wireless hardware in the Vive Goggle itself. Is there a way to prove to a client that the wireless has been configured off or disabled? Any documentation or hacks around for this?

Any suggestions or direction welcome! :)


Stephen Lenser

Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc.


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@StephenLenser - No, Bluetooth is a core element of the Watchman tech stack. The HMD only has two RF radios in the form of two BT transceivers (one for each of the two controllers). We're not aware of any stable way to disable the receivers in software/firmware (especially a way that would pass a security audit) as those systems are tied to the Watchman Module's core systems. You'd likely need to physically remove the antenna's (which probably will kill the HMD) or alter the watchman module's firmware which is super proprietary to Valve. You could attempt to reach out to Valve as well to see what their say is on the matter but I suspect it will be similar.

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