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vive is not working with my laptop display port


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i have an predator acer gaming laptop and it says it is VR readyi have an hdmi port and displayport. my hdmi port has a problem, it shows green dots and lines everywhere in the screen. so i tried it with vive and it worked but still green dots and lines. so am trying to use my displayport for vive since i see many post recomend it. but its not working for me. i tried connect it through dispalyport to hdmi converter., it did not work. i went to setting and enabled direct mode, it did not work. i bought a new cable which is from displayport to minidisplayport and tried it, still did not work. i removed the power cable and the drivers then i plugged the power back to the link box and installed the drivers, still did not work. between those steps i kept checking the cables if they are working connected properly. i updated my graphic card to the latest update and restarted the laptop. still no success.

in case you think my vive has a problem, i can still use it on my pc via hdmi cable. it works just fine. its just that displayport does not work with vive even though it has a port for it.

am i missing something, please i would like any help and tips from anyone. i dont want to get my gaming laptop to a pc shop to fix the hdmi port, it is really expensive for some reason.

(i some other posts, some poeple say that the cable has to be certified or something for it to actualy work with vive, does it have anything to do with my issue. the DP to miniDP cable i bought was a cheap one)

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Hi @dxter77

Before we look at the cable, I suspect the GPU (I assume it's NVIDIA 1060 or similar correct?) may not be mapped to output to the display port on the laptop, this can be confirmed by running the NVIDIA control panel and looking at the PhysX settings in 3D settings.  That should tell you which GPU (integrated vs. dedicated) is mapped to output to which physical port.

If it doesn't show that the dedicated (NVIDIA) GPU is outputting to the display port then unfortunately you will not be successful in running the Vive via your display port.  

Have a look and let us know what it tells you.





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i did go to the nvidia control panel, and it shows  both hdmi and displayport.

sorry for the late reply.

BTW, i just ordered display port to mini-display port cable that is sold by vive. because one of my friends told me that many cables don't work with vive.

now am waiting for it to arrive.


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forgot to add a thing
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