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HTC Vive Focus How to Factory Reset


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Same issue here. A colleague enabled kiosk mode on a Vive Focus 3. Now the device is effectively bricked. It will not connect with the app. The main lobby application renders completely black, with the exception of the laser pointers.

Please advise on how to resolve this.

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On 8/13/2021 at 10:29 PM, HackPerception said:

@dreidesign I'd recommend contacting support.enterprise@htc.com - they might have a pathway for you.

I already contacted support via chat, took some time with answers, waiting back/forth etc. But I now should sent the headset to a htc repair shop. Hope this goes all well and we arent getting charged for anything.
Have to admit that I'm quite disappointed by the product. I dont unterstand how you can advertise a product with such a software as a business device. A simple factory reset possiblity would have done the job here, and would have saved time on our side and on htc's side.

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The following instructions are for the Vive Focus 3.

I had an issue with connecting one of my controllers and couldn't get past the setup screen. I contacted HTC, and was given the following instructions. It worked a  charm! 🙂

1. Power off the headset if it is on.

2. Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN key, then press the POWER button to boot up the headset.  Do not release the keys until the system enters the Download Mode.

3. In the Download Mode, use the VOLUME UP/DOWN keys to select the FACTORY RESET option.

4. Press the SIDE BUTTON on the headset to start the factory reset process.  The headset will restart automatically after the factory reset process has been completed.

5. Go through the OOBE process and when prompted, update the firmware.

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I have the same problem....

 I have recently purchased 3 VIVE FOCUS helmets.

I installed an application on the headset and put it in kiosk mode, but now I can't get out of kiosk mode, it seems to be locked. When I press the power button for 3 seconds, the headset restarts, but I don't see the menu to exit the kiosk mode.

I try to do a factory reset and I can't do that either because it doesn't show up in the menu.

Can you help me?


Thanks in advance.



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