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VIVE Focus Kiosk settings issues


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I have some issues with the VIVE Focus kiosk mode configuration file, here it is below:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>

Unfortunately despite the values of the file, the invisible walls always appear as well as the pairing UI (it is the interface with the joystick, right?)


Best regards,



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Hi @VRC,

I'm Ken from VIVE Enterprise product team.

We had confirmed the virtual wall and pairung UI setting in Kiosk cota is not supported in current released ROM for VIVE Focus. (It was a relatively new features implemented and in queue for release). 

I will confirm the release schedule and get back to you soon.

Sorry for your inconvenience!



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Hi @Ken_Lee,


Thanks for your answer.

We based our project on the HTC Vive focus especially because of the kiosk mode, for one of the biggest french LBE VR (100 headsets, 500 clients/day).

Can you give us an approximative release schedule for the kiosk mode fix?
Any chance this can happen in the next coming 3 weeks?

Thanks in advance
Best Regards

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