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HTC VIVE Pro Licence allow scientific publication?


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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a student at the German University of applied science Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS).
My master-thesis is focused on tracking a mobile robot in a 3D environment.
For this purpose I plan on using your tracking system to gain an absolute reference position. The resulting data will be used in a fusion algorithm to acquire an accurate pose-estimation.
My question is now whether you do allow using your system to generate data that is to be used in the publication of my master thesis (and potentially further academic research).
Furthermore I would like to ask you if you can provide a reference of the working principle of your tracking system.

Yours sincerely

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@armin777 It's sorta complex because we license the core tracking technologies in Vive/Vive Pro from Steam who are the technology owners of SteamVR and SteamTracking.

In short, Pro's commercial license would definitely cover your use case - the trick is getting the data out of SteamVR in a coherent and appropriate data set as the raw data itself is proprietary. In most cases, I've recommended Brekel OpenVR media recorder because it can output OBJ but it may not be high enough precision for your needs. Past a certain point, you need to be a SteamVR hardware licensee for lower level access. 

The best public resource on how base-station tracking works is this presentation by Alan Yates, one of the principal inventors of the technology. Otherwise, alot of the more advanced resources on 2.0 tracking


Here are some other helpful resources:

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