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INSTA360 EVO 3D and VIVE Focus PLus


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I bought the VIVE Focus Plus. It should be compatible with the INSTA360 EVO product but chatting with the support I got the answer that this headset is not able to connect to EVO....

So I have to copy my video to the local memory. I tried this solution delivered to me by the support. In fine, the VIVEPORT Video application is not able to read the MP4 video coming from INSTA360. I tried with other player like Moon player but.. bug... : black or blue screen, I had to reboot many time the headset.

I'm tired also to get the pop-up windows : you are out of the area, come back to the area or remove and put back the headset. I just turn my head. VIVE Focus plsu si not stable.


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the issue is not about the resolution but as said the VIVE support : the headset is not able to connect via wifi to insta360 EVO. We cannot load the INSTA360 VR aplplication to read the original files of INSTA360 EVO. I have to export it to MP4 form before and transfert it to SD card etc....

Clearly it's not compatible. 

It's a mistake or lie...

I return back my headset... The cost : 113€ because I have to send back it to Romania via UPS!!!....


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