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Base stations aren't connecting to my computer


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i've had my vive headset for about a year but recently my base stations have begun cutting out occasionally whilst i'm using it but then for some reason the base stations just stopped connecting at all. The base stations both have solid green lights on them and they can both be detected and identified when i scan for base stations.

I've tried resetting up the room but the none of the equipment is visible to any base stations and i've checked all connections to ensure that none of them are loose.

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Can you generate a SteamVR system report via SteamVR -> Create System Report, save it as a .txt and PM it to me? I can take a look to see if anything stands out in the log.

In the mean time, I would recommend testing each station individually by first unplugging one station, setting the remaining station into single channel mode by flipping it to channel A, testing the tracking, unplugging it, then repeating the process with the other station. That should let you test to see if both stations are outputting valid tracking data.

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