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When standing centered facing forward my right side is not tracked?


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This didn't happen before, but has happened quite recently and destroys the fun of vr. I have a small play area (standing), but have been working great earlier. When i stand in the center facing forward my right hand side is not tracked properly, but my left side is ok. Both controllers work on my left side when facing forward, but on the right side both controllers jumps around, jitters, and drifts around. The vr view also starts drifting. This is weird and annoying. I have tried:

  • Changing the angle of the cameras
  • using a sync cable connecting the two base stations
  • Running room setup multiple times

This especially ruins the fun with 360 angle movement games. Beat saber might work if i stand and face a little two the left, but still....

Attached is a image showing the room setup


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