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performance degradation after system update (unity 2018.3, wavevr 2.1.8)


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Hey guys

I had my game running at solid 75 fps at all times. After we upgraded the device to latest update (system update 2.0), performance massively degraded and dropped down to 38 fps (vsynced I guess) on most of the scenes. We're on Unity 2018.3.6f1, WaveVR 2.1.8, VIU 1.10.3.

We first noticed the problem as we gave the final build to our producer, who reported low fps, while we had high fps. After testing on older devices seem to not have the problem but new devices did, and after we noticed our dev device has an upgrade scheduled, we tested with the latest system update 2.0 and hit low fps as well.

Any ideas on what did cause performance degradation and how to fix it?

Another thing we noticed, is that if we do haptic feedback pulse every frame, originally fps dropped from 75 to 60, but after the upgrade it drops from 75 to 20.

I've seen in another thread
"We have performance improvement based on our internal testing in coming 3.1 version."
Is this going to fix it or is it unrelated?
Do you know when 3.1 will be out approximately?

Any help is appreciated.


@Cotta @Tony PH Lin


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Sent you a DM with apk link.

After upgrade to Unity 2018.4 / WaveVR 3.0.2 / VIU 1.10.4 - we've seen improvement, and is close, but still not as good and below solid 75 fps as before the update.

This is all GPU and rendering related, the CPU isn't the bottleneck.

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Yes that is correct.
Going single pass is a CPU optimization and we're GPU bound. We may try it but I don't expect it to help, and even if it did, I would say there's still a small performance drop somewhere.
Sorry but this is all I can give you. The apk should run noticeably better on older firmware for heavy views. I also can't debug the issue further since we upgraded all our Focuses.


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I'm glad you were able to confirm we're not crazy. Thanks for the effort.

On a seemingly unrelated note, app was made with unity with LWRP, and we noticed that unity's cubemap skybox was very slow. When we replaced it with our own skybox (nothing special, just regular skybox shader) we got a big boost in performance. Probably not related but just mentioning it if something comes to mind to you guys.

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