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hi there, i m into a situation where i m not able to click on UI buttons... 
1. i created lookat function for UI canvas which is attached to empty gameobject (parent of canvas) whose rotation is 0 and child (canvas rotation is 180) 

2. when i teleport to different position and try to click on UI button not able to click, the controller ray is passing through UI object 

@Cotta @Tony PH Lin

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1- yes i m using wave sdk version 3.0.2

2- yes i use both inputModuleManager and controllerLoader prefab

3- I m using beam

4- there is no problem in teleporting

hope i answered all the questions you asked

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thank you for reply i m hoping that will get solution for this from the RD team.  And one more thing, i m able to click on UI button even after teleporting. i m thinking that this issue is happening because of rotation (at some angle ) issue on the canvas parent (parent has lookat function script attached). my teleport script is casting ray from the controller, there i checking trigger function on the floor for teleporting.


thank you.

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providing more detail about the issue
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looks like the problem is fixed, i m able to click on UI button from any position thank you so much.  one more thing that with beam mode - if i m too far from UI the pointer will not exactly hover on UI. i have raised this question earlier also. 

i have one more question as well

1. what should be the gameobjects scale so that it feels like we are in realworld (like for hololens they mentioned the objects scale should be 0.1)?

2. what should be the field of view of camera.

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