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Play a Video on multiple Vive Focus Headsets at the same time.

Ahmed Ashour

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I assume you'll have to create your own video player connected to a server, for minimal latency I'd go for a socket based server.

Use events such as
Play and pause - Broadcasted to all devices
Sync sanity - Each player tells the hub where they are down to a second or millisecond level, if a problem with the sync is detected correct that device accordingly. If you do choose a ms level bare in mind the latency between the device and the hub server.
Skip - If you want a skip / search function the server could dictate that as well.

Regarding what system to use I'd use Unity or Unreal




If you want to use a premade solution, there are apps out there which does this but they're meant for recreation and not suitable for a commercial easy to use scenario.

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