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How do you map SingleEyeData to a 2D Plane

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I'm working on an application which will require me the data in the SingleEyeData struct to where the user is looking on a 2D plane that its in front of him. The objective would be to draw the 2D plane and the a moving dot on it, which moves with the user´s gaze. Can any one provide me with documentation on how to do this? 

The only documentation that I've found so far is the Struct reference provided with the C Code example of the SRanipal SDK.

Thanks for any help in advanced.

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Thank your for your reply. I was hoping to avoid depending on Unity as I've never used it and this will not be a video game. This will be a VERY simple 2D application where I only need to draw squares and rectangles. But I will take a look at it, just in case. 

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