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Can I force a software update on Vive Focus?


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We have quite a number of Vive Focus'es at the office. Some of them, let's call them group A, are at the following version:

    build 1.93.1400.2
    system 5.0
    waveSDK 3.0.2

Other devices, let's call them group B, are at:

    build 1.69.1405.6
    system 5.2
    waveSDK 2.1.8

The HMD's in group B all tell me 'no update available' if I try to update them through the menu.

Is there a way to force an update on them, to bring them to 1.93 too? Or can they never get above 1.69?

And I'm puzzled that the 'system version' is actually higher (5.2) in the 1.69 build than it is in the 1.93 build. Is there a logic to that?

Thanks a bunch!




@Tony PH Lin

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You may check the SKU code of your Focus device on the third number of version code:

x.xx.1400.x is a DK (Development Kit) device. The ROM version is different from commercial devices. The latest version for now is 2.04.1400.2

Other SKUs are commercial devices. x.xx.623.x is global SKU. x.xx.1405.x is China SKU. For both cases the recent latest ROM version is 1.69.xxx.6. It's expected that the commercial device ROM version different from a DK one. Nothing wrong with your devices.

@pascalvanbeek @JohnAyling @henrikvrtraveler

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Correct the latest ROM version of Focus DK SKU : The current latest Dev ROM is 2.04.1400.2. Still it's normal and expected your commercial device ROM version is 1.69.xxx.6. Also edited on the original post with corrected information.

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That is beyond merely a technical question. Per the info I got from company internal, for now I don't hear there is official recommended way to flash your device with ROM of a different SKU. Even if you do that with unofficial way, there is risk the device will not able to receive future FOTA.

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