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ViveHandTracking modules are missing or built a different engine error


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Hi, I try to install the plugin of ViveHandTracking but doesnt work. When started the Engine Unreal 4.20 or 4.22 appear this mesages that could not be compile and try rebuilding from source manually. I try to install in Unreal 4 and use Vive pro. What i can do ?





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40 minutes ago, Atamuro said:

I´m using vive pro and unreal engine 4.20. The fingers were shaking a lot, and most of the time the fingers were twisted outward. Is there any solution or any advices?



Hi,  our team has been engaged in improving hand tracking precision. But at this moment, our plugin is a beta version, and it will take time for  optimization.

I believe it will achieve your expectation in the near future.

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On 8/28/2019 at 5:57 PM, Atamuro said:

I solve the problem. I put some file in wrong place inside to the project. Now the plugin works, but the hand tracking are very slow and not precise. How i can fix this speed and improve the hand tracking ?


Hi I had the same issue where did you end up putting the files to get it working?


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