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Hi all - I'm trying to integrate two Vive trackers into my Unreal project, but I'm not able to get the trackers to consistently register in SteamVR. When I hover over the tracker in the SteamVR window, it shows it "Searching" most of the time rather than actively tracking. When I open my project, the mesh I have matched with the tracker only appears every so often when it's actively tracking

Does anyone have advice about how to get a consistent track? I have the Tracker Dongles plugged in to my PC and resting over a foot away from it. Thanks!

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Do you have any other wireless signals in the room that might be operating on 2.4ghz at enough output that they could be interfering? If so, that could be the problem. You'd also have issues with the Controllers if that was the case, likely. You could also check the USB ports, try swapping them, switching to USB 3.0 if you're not already using that and reinstalling the drivers.

Thank you,

-Jack S

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