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New App that connects phone with Vive

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Hi guys,

I am Richard and me and my small team are currently developing the app "HOLOSWITCH". With HOLOSWITCH it will be possible to quickly connect your smartphone to the VR device. Then notifications such as a new Facebook comment, whatsapp messages, emails, calls etc. will be displayed directly in VR and with Voice Control messages can also be answered via voice input so we can stop fighting with annoying overlay keyboards 😊

Although we have many other ideas for further features, we are very interested in what you as VR users still need. After all, we don't just build the app for ourselves.  😁 

You can also check out our website holoswitch.com for some further information. More is coming soon!  

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There’s not yet an official Vive app for Android, but it may be that the more open nature of Android’s bluetooth functionality means Android phones can work natively in conjunction with the Vive without an app.

As for the iPhone, the description of the HTC Vive app like x8spedersapk doesn’t paint a particularly robust picture of what sort of information you’ll be able to receive from your phone while in VR:

Don’t miss what’s important IRL while you’re in VR. To get essential notifications in the world of virtual reality, just connect your iPhone with your HTC Vive. Notifications about phone calls, text messages and calendar events pop up without interrupting play and appear in the Vive tab on your System Dashboard so you can view them later too.

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