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Viveport Unity App Submission help


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Hey, I am having trouble trying to submit my Unity app to Viveport.  The app already runs on SteamVR (which is required to run properly).  I am having trouble understanding the Binary Build portion of the Viveport Submission Guide.  In particular, how do I compress my Unity app in a .ZIP file as requested.  I have listed my concerns in particular below:  
How do I compress files such that "when the zip is decompressed, you will get the app binary and its support files, not a directory containing those files"?  I have three files all contained in a root folder when a Unity binary is built on Windows: (1) .exe, (2) Data folder, (3) steam_api64.dll.  If I zip these directly, they are compressed in one folder that does not decompress as requested.  
Where do I locate and edit the "binary_path_windows:" line? Where do I access the Content Manifest?  
Please let me know what my next steps should be. Thanks! 
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