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Vive Freezes and FPS Drop


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After 2 or 3 minutes when I am doing anything in the Dashboard or playing a game, i get frame drops of about 3fps and then the system will crash or sometimes go back to normal, but frame drops will happen again.

Initially the Vive was crashing my PC. I went through all the steps to make sure there weren't any conflictions with Steam VR, ran all benchmarks for my hardware, replaced my GTX 1080, fresh installed all software for Steam and HTC Vive and I am getting no where. I have had the Vive for MONTHS now and this has never happened, nor did I move the anything.

I need assistance ASAP. I am recording a demo in 4 days with my family for a birthday. This needs to be resolved ASAP! PLEASE!

Thank you.



Asus Maximus Vlll Hero Alpha

i7 6700k

Nvidia GTX1080 FE



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