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Headset was working flawlessly for weeks, now suddenly no display/black screen


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Hi, I'm frustratingly looking for some help on my issue that keeps me busy for weeks... After tens of hours of googling, re-installing etc I decided to create this message as I'm totalley clueless...

After using the HTC Vive for about 6-7 weeks without any issues, the display of my HMD suddenly (overnight) stayed dark and the LED switches between red and green light. There was no driver or windows update nor did I change anything else in the settings.


The HMD still works if the HDMI from the 3-in-1 cable is directly connected to the GPU's HDMI (link box bypassed). I thought the link box was faulty and bought a new one.  However, same issue with the new link box: If connected through the link box, the HMD stays all black.


Interestingly, the HMD also works if I use the short Vive HDMI cable to connect the HMD with the link box and either a HDMI-HDMI or miniDP-DP cable to connect the link box with my GPU. However, as soon as I replace the short Vive HDMI cable with the 3-in-1 HDMI cable to connect the HMD with the link box, the HMD stops working. So from my layman perspective, there seems to be an issue with the 3-in-1 cable (even though same cable does the job if directly plugged into the GPU HMDI)


I tried everything I found on the internet and valve/htc support sites, like checking cables, power cycle, re-install USB drivers, GPU drivers, SteamVR incl. beta, Steam, disable bluetooth communication, turn off camera, tried any USB port (3.0 and 2.0), ensure internal graphic card is deactivated in BIOS, etc... I also checked if BIOS or chipset updates are available and ensured that any Vive firmware is up to date, USB power settings were adjusted (disabled power management) but still, no display in the HMD when using the 3-in-1 cable with the lin box.


Your help is greatly appreciated!





My system specs:

- Windows 7 Service Pack

- GeForce GTX 1070 (tried various drivers)

- Intel i7-4770K Processor

- 16GB RAM



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Hi Stephen, thanks for your reply!


Yes, I was in contact with HTC support twice (live chat). The first supporter recommended to return the link box for repair and informed me that I would be contacted by TNT shortly. Unfortunately, that never happened (neither after sending followup emails to HTC referring to the relevant ticket).  That's why I ordered (and paid) a 2nd link box by myself to find out that this is not the cause.


So I startet a 2nd conversation with somone from HTC support, a person who was obviously very busy as I had to wait several minutes for each reply. Finally, the chat conversation was closed automatically due to inactivity on HTC's side. I also followed up by email and attached the chat transcript but again, no answer from HTC support via email...


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Hi Jad,

Yes, that's what I believe as well. Same thought had a contact from Valve Software/Steam. However, he said that they do not stock of 3-in-1 cables to replace faulty cables and pointed me to vive.com support for assistance (or alternatively to purchase a new one by myself). But Vive support is exactly where I initially started my enquiries weeks ago and never heard back...


Going round in circles here which is really frustrating as I'm not inclined to spend additional many on faulty parts (after already buying a new link box)  just because of lack of support from HTC Vive's side...




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I've had almost exactly the same thing happen, although I'm running Windows 10.

Have been using it happily for months and it has stopped working.

It doesn't seem to be a port issue as if I plug my monitor into the same ports it works fine.  I've tried both HDMI and DisplayPort.


I get a green light on my headset, but not display.  If I select mirror display i can see what should be on my headset on my monitor and it's tracking.


Interestingly enough if I disable direct mode, the right hand screen on my headset will display my desktop.  So the cable appears to be working fine in so much as I can get an image on my headset, just not the one I'm after.  Might be worth checking to see if changing the direct mode seeting and seeing if you get an image on your headset.


I've done same things you have done and still no luck.   

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