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SRWorks - Unity Plugin issue


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Hi everybody,

I use Unity 2019.2.0f1 and the latest SteamVR 1.6.10, built July 30th 2019. Following the steps of the document "Getting started with SRWorks in Unity", release from 2019/06/28, at step 5 SRWorks asks to Enable OpenVR support. After accepting it starts to install in the background automatically from the Unity Package Manager the OpenVR (Desktop) package. After that two versions of openvr_api.dll are loaded in the assets which obviously leads to an error that multiple plugins with the same name are found.

After removing the OpenVR (Desktop) package Unity complains that "Package missing for Virtual Reality SDK OpenVR..." even though openvr_api.dll is present in the SRWorks Plugins folder. Restarting Unity does not solve the problem either.

Thanks for your help.


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