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OG vive issues with games crashing


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Hi so I have been having issues where games on the vive crash with the error D3D device was removed due to DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG. It goes on to say that it might be due to bad gpu drivers or bad hardware. I use a gtx 1080 on a windows 10 machine. I tried tinkering with many settings like lowering the supersampling . Updating drivers . Updating windows . Disabling windows game mode . Changing to performance in the nvidia control panel . Tried to run games as admin . Reinstalled the games . Reinstalled steam. Tried to install and delete the viveport software. Some game sod work fine without issues like project cars 2 but rec room even though seems to work fine . I cant get bowling to play it crashes when the tect shows up ready to start although other rec room games work when it crashes I see in the logs that is says d3d11 failed to create staging 2d texture but if I launch bowling in non-vr it works fine. Also with a game like RideOp VR experience it crashes on some rides but not all with the error LowLevelFatalError GPU crashed . I am stumped as to why some games work and some dont and even though some work other parts of the game are causing crashes . Is there maybe a preffered driver version for the nvidia gpu or something else I could try ? Any help would be greatly appreciated



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