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Root on enterprise edition


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htcdev.com has the unlockbootloader tool for all HTC Android devices.  Again I warn against rooting your device as this will void all warrantys and enterprise support. You should know what you are doing (i.e. have an expert who knows how to replace a bootloader or other partition with one that allows you to root).


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Hi Henrik,

I would like to open a port via adb, tcp ip 5555, so I can wirelessly debug and send commands via adb. However when the Vive Focus 3 hmd restarts, I need to connect with USB first before I can open the port. I would like to have it persistant, so that a port *like 5555, can be used to connect wirelessly regardless if the HMD reboots. This so far as I can tell can only be done via root access, which I don't have. A way to do so is to modify build.prop and there are some other ways. Would you be able to let me know if you can get this done somehow, I am willing to pay for your time of course.

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