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Error in SemanticSegmentation


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Thanks for replying.

In my project i use three plugin:

  • SRWorks Unity Plugin
  • Experience Demo
  • Stream VR Plugin

My objective is to use the Semantic Segmentation while i use any VR app.

I have only changed  mode in Vive_SR_Dual_Camera_Ring Script in VIRTUAL because not having a good docoumentation i don't know where to put my hands 




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The nature of Semantic Segmentation is to recognize and categorize real objects in the images captured by Vive Pro's front cameras. In other words, it's an AR feature.

To categorize virtual objects, try looking into Unity's documentation Object.FindObjectsOfType.

As for mode switch, try looking into Sample1_Effects_SwitchMode.unity and the script ViveSR_Experience_SwitchMode.cs.


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