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Cosmos wireless limit


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Hello everyone,

I am working on a project to create a virtual anatomy study room which would need to accommodate many students at the same time, I would like to know why the statement below is on your Vive wireless information page:

Use up to 3 VIVE Wireless Adapters in a single-room-scale environment. Region dependent.

Is there a way around this limit?

 @Corvus @VibrantNebula

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Hey Zagagel, 

Great question. In short, the VIVE Wireless Adapter has 3 connection modes to support 3 individual users (1 mode per user) in the same space without interference. Any overlapping modes with multiple users in the same space will cause interference.

However, there are ways around this and it all depends on the physical space you have available to prevent the overlapping interference between users in the same mode.

Here's a screenshot from our user guide of a small space supporting a maximum of 3 individual users:


Now here's a screenshot from our user guide of a large space supporting multiple wireless unit users:


You can access our digital Wireless User Guide here for more details: (Pages 24 - 26):


Let us know if you have any additional questions!


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@Zagagel - The limitation is hardwired into the adapter's WiGig components - there are 3 supported channels that the underlying Intel WiGig hardware is capable of outputting - regulations in China restrict those 3 channels down to 2 in that region. The two strategies for doubling channels in a closed environment are to strategically space the channels out apart as shared above so that they're far enough from one another that the signal propagation limitations (range) can be taken advantage of, or physically isolate play spaces from one another using a physical barrier such as a room partition.

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