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Vive Cosmos & Beat Saber

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The tracking wasn't good on release but it's getting better with every beta release.
Personally I can play Expert levels and finished some of them with full combo.

You can read about the latest beta here:


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10 hours ago, beezqp said:

I bought it (Vive Cosmos) almost solely for Beat Saber, and it did not disappoint me. No tracking issues at all.

Sounds like you are one of the lucky few people with no tracking issues. Good to hear. 

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Well, it feels so from reading the internet. But I only bought it now, after they apparently patched it few times. Internet is full from the disappointed reviews back from October, it's really difficult to find some new opinions but it really works.

My experience before was with Vive Pro in a local VR cafe, and changing to Cosmos the experience is practically the same for me. 


I still have issues with stuff like Angry Birds, where you use slingshot and it's terrible at telling trajectory when you hold both controllers in front of you (I hope that's getting fixed at some point). But in Beat Saber it works as needed.

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On 10/1/2019 at 2:31 PM, Melibellule said:

Hi all !
You can read all sorts of contradictory information on the internet.
Is the Cosmos optimal for playing Beat Saber, especially tracking ? And the weight of the controllersI have pre-ordered the Cosmos, but I'm getting a little scared. T_T


NO. DO NOT buy a Sosmos if you want to play Beat Saber or any game where poor tracking will affect you. 
I made that mistake and now I'm ion the hole by $700 thanks to HTC's dishonest marketing of their awful product. 

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Beat Saber works really well on my HTC Cosmos when wired to the PC. No tracking issues at all.

I've just purchased the HTC wireless adapter and Beat Saber is no longer functional when attached to wireless. I can hear the windows 10 noise for detecting hardware going on and off repeatedly. This doesn't happen on any of my other games or apps. Images are distorted and hand controllers are all over the place or disappear completely. The images are very clear but all over the place. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling beat saber and all HTC software and steam. It's just so strange!

I supplied feedback with logs to HTC

my track number is 20200216102757.

Other similar type games to Beat Saber are working ok on wireless. In fact most other games generally work well.

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