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Can you use focus for steam gaming?


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I currently own htc vive which I assume processed/ rendered graphics delivered to headset through USB/displayport/hdmi. Since cables are hindrance, I am considering focus. However the images are processed through powerful GTX1080 before being sent onto the headset, now with the wireless focus headset, I am wondering where the images processing is done? Is the images from GPU on PC transferred wirelessly or does it not support steam games at all? 

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I have a couple of notes on this:

  • Focus/Focus plus are enterprise headsets - we strongly advise against consumers purchasing the Focus HMD - it's not a consumer product. It can only be purchased via enterprise.vive.com
  • Focus is 3DoF - you'd need Focus plus and it's 6DoF controllers to being to approach parity for desktop usage
  • We did announce a WiFi streaming solution to launch Viveport builds of SteamVR/OpenVR enabled content that is expected to enter early access in Q4 2019. That said, WiFi has limitations and our implementation is still not consumer oriented. In this case, rendering occurs on the GPU - the processor on the Focus is nowhere close to meeting the computational requirements to render PCVR content.
  • Overall, if you're going to try and leverage the power of your PC GPU, you'd want to pick up a Vive wireless adapter to convert your desktop HMD into a wireless unit. The wireless adapter uses WiGig technology which enables multi-gigabit per second transmissions between the PC and the headset which is required to achieve quality parity to a tethered HMD.
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