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Vive pro Headset not detected


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Hello! My PC cannot detect vivepro headset very often. What is the problem?

Now when my pc cannot detect headset, I just follow HTC's official guide. Exit SteamVR -> unplug link box -> And wait a few seconds, link it again.

Is there anyone knowing what is the problem? Maybe Cable is not connected tighten condition?

Please help me T T 

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+Probably have the same issue here, so if anyone could help, thanks in advance.

Last played Vive Pro about a month ago with no issues whatsoever.  Now, Vive Pro is constantly giving the message, 'This headset is not currently tracking.  Make sure it is in view of a base station.'  Audio works on the headset, but the image is always Grayish -- one exception -- it DOES show the visual for 'Waking up Base Stations', but then just ends up not tracking at all.  But it's definitely not tracking.

- Nothing reflective is in the play area or nearby area
- Tried on SteamVR Regular as well as Beta
- Tried updating Graphics Drivers, no change
- Disabled Camera and Bluetooth, no change
- Reconnected all cables on Link Box, Headset, etc.
- Swapped USB ports to all possible combinations
- Restarted a lot
- Still hitting this issue...pretty bummed since this thing cost a lot and it's been well taken care of.

If you can help, thanks.

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