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Sweat damage on Headset

Sébastien ACKET

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Hello there, 

I just send my headset after it stopped working to the repair center and they answered me that the headset was damaged by liquid (oxyd marks). My headset never ever get wet, never drop water or anything on it. The only explanation I can find is that my sweat while playing dealt the damage. How can this happen ? Isn't the headset supposed to be protected from this ? Is it possible that my headset was already damaged when I bought it ? (I have it since february)...

I always took care of it and I can see no other explanations... Does anyone had the same issue ? I find it unacceptable to pay an off warranty repair if my sweat damaged the headset THIS IS A MAJOR CONCEPTION ISSUE knowing how fast it is to get the foam wet while playing....

Hope someone can help me sort it out... 

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I just received a response about my damaged vive as well.  I was told it was due to liquid damage as well.  My headset is stored on a rack that is suspended from the ceiling, making it literally impossible for any liquids to have spilled onto it.  The only possibility is due to sweat.  Upon further investigation I have found that this is a fairly COMMON issue! It is clearly a major design flaw in the product.  I refuse to pay $270 when this issue will simply occur again due to poor product design. I suggest filing a small claims against them, as that seems to be the most common and effective way to get your money back for a faulty product.  Despite what the warranty claims, this is considered as design flaw and -will- hold up in small claims court. I've only had my headset for 6 months and this is completely unacceptable.  I urge you to do some research and file a complaint, as this is completely unacceptable.

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