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Upgraded to Cosmos, but having issues getting it to work

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Assembled the beta drivers and it works now.

I have a rather small room (17 m2) with seven light sources like 50 - 60 W each, but that was not enough. Opened the curtains letting daylight in (small windows, cloudy day), not enough for room calibration.

Turning on my video projector with a 250 W lamp on did the trick, got the room calibration done. Works now, but the amount of light needed is ridiculous. 

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Thanks for the feedback. Sorry again about the lighting issue. The good news is this can and will be improved with software updates. I'm confident we'll reach the point where it doesn't require as much for you to play in your environment.

If you like and have the time, you can send us an issue report through your VIVE console about the amount of light needed. The issue report will collect your logs and be sent to our engineering team to help address and improve tracking & setup for the next updates. Basically, the more logs, the more information we can leverage to train our SW for better tracking in various environments.


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