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[Help] Vive Pro Voice recognition


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I would like to develop a VR content compatible with Vivo pro, but I need voice recognition function in it. So l would like to ask you a few questions.

1. Vivo pro is equipped with the microphone. And I wonder this microphone also support voice recognition, not only the normal audio input function.

2. If it does not support voice recognition, I wondor if we can put(install?) plug-in for voice recognition in vive pro, so that we could develop a content with voice recognition function that is compatible with vive pro. / or you can put plug-in in vive pro for us.

3. If it’s possible, Please let me know what plug-in those are (the kinds of plug-in for voice recognition), and what development engine it can be used for (compatible).

Will appreciate if you can give me an answer.

Thank you.

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