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Focus Plus: Native Media Decoder Doesn't Work


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We've run into an issue migrating our app from the Focus to the Focus Plus.

We are using the Native Media SDK (NdkMediaCodec.h) for decode. For whatever reason the same NDK decoder that works fine on Vive Focus, doesn't work on the Focus Plus. What happens on the Plus is, a couple frames get decoded, and then decoder stops producing output. There are no related errors in Logcat.


The only difference I can see between the two devices is the Wave SDK version. Any ideas?




@Tony PH Lin

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Hi @krasi_quarkvr,


Since related solution are mostly shared, there should be no diff for Media Codec part between Focus & Focus+, there should be no integrating work needed if use pure AOSP interfaces from our understanding.

Please help share below info to check more details:

1.      Test APP

2.      ROM version of Focus and Focus+

3.      Reproduce SOP and fail rate

I also send you via mail so you can provide me from there for better security.



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