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[Unity3D SDK] How to teleport player ?


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I can see that in the Unreal SDK there is a teleport method but I can't find one in the Unity3D SDK.


When I try to move the "head" object, it doesn't work, it goes back to it previous position. I think this is because I can't move the head of the player, it seems normal.

When I try to move the "WaveVR" object, it works but it move the "play area" not the player. 

Example :

  1. Let's say X is my origin, where the player start
  2. My player move 1m to the right (X+1)
  3. Then the player point with its controller somewhere in the scene, let's call this point P.
  4. Then the player push a button of its controller. At that time I do something like WaveVR.position = P.position
  5. My player is now 1m to the right of P (P+1). Not P.


What can I do ?

Thank you


@Tony PH Lin

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