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Controllers loosing tracking


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having an issue not 2 hours after i last used my headset with no changes where the wands are loosing tracking on a cyclical 5 second timer. 5 seconds they work 5 seconds they don't the light rings go dim when they stop working and light back up when they start. viewport is reporting 75% charge on batteries. restarting the wands has no change and restarting the HMD had no changes. 

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@ish311 - Thanks for sharing and we apologize for this issue you're experiencing. Let's send a report through your Vive Console so we can take a closer look. Could you follow the steps below and PM me your trace No. when completed?

Here are the steps to submit a report:

- Under the Settings of VIVE Console, go to “Troubleshooting” and click “REPORT” button. Fill in your email then submit a brief 1-3 sentence description of your issue. Please provide me your Trace No. at the end.






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