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No Support for Cosmos Controllers

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Got my Cosmos today. Tried approximately 10 different games, and basically none of them were compatible with the Cosmos Controller - they all expected the old Vive controllers with its trackpad.

Spending AU$1300 on a HMD that can only play Beat Saber is very disappointing. Anybody know how to get games to work with the new Cosmos controllers, which lack the touchpad used by nearly every HTC compatible game? If not, I'm getting a return on this thing as it'll just be collecting dust.


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Hi @GunSlingerAUS & @oxygen4004,

Thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately, there are games that currently don't support the Cosmos Controllers. Please be on the lookout for any announcements from the developers of the content you're trying to play for Cosmos compatibility or updates. Another alternative is to see if there are working custom bindings provided by the Steam community. Essentially this is the community doing the developer's work in mapping out the buttons to the Cosmos controller then providing it to you on Steam's platform. You can see if there any available here:
SteamVR > Dashboard > Devices > Controller Settings > "Content" > Community Bindings. 


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Okay a guy called CABAListic in Steam or fholger on GitHub has modified the openvr_api.dll in F4VR for Index controllers to fix the joystick issues in menus and maps and it works for the Cosmos as well. It tells the application that your are using Oculus controllers and gets around this incompatibility issue. You can download it from here "https://github.com/fholger/openvr/releases/download/fo4vr_v1.1/openvr_api.dll" and then copy it into your "Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4 VR" folder (always backup your old one just in case) this may work for other steam games that use this DLL as well. 

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