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Wireless Adapter causing SteamVR to hang.


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My wireless adapter overheats quite often, I have been back and forth sending it for repair. The next time will be my 4th time, they allegedly repaired it the first time and the second time, the third time they apparently replaced it... well they did in a fashion only they didn't replace the item which is actually faulty. 

So I've come here hoping maybe to get some tech support as the chat support lacks knowledge on the product, they do very little other than offer rma. But in my case RMA is doing nothing but wasting everyone's time.

This is what happens in the vive utility log when my headset goes grey and often goes black.

SendMessageTimeout fail, error = 1460
SteamVR hung, count = 1
SendMessageTimeout fail, error = 1460
SteamVR hung, count = 2

Fortunately on this occasion it didn't go black but if I had been gaming it would have severely impacted my game play by going grey.

Surely this error code means something to someone? On this occasion my adapter was at a reason able temperature, so this time it wasn't due to heat. Although it will give the same error when it is an overheating issue.


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