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SRanipalInstaller is corrupted

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Yes, I have done all those things. But SR_RUnTime seems to be running in the system tray. Now, I'm thinking maybe customer support was incorrect. It seems the msi file might be ok. The real issue I need to solve is why the Calibrate button is grayed out in the VR dashboard. When I click the slider to turn on eye tracking, it takes me to the agreement page, which I click ok. But then I'm taken back to the Calibrate page with the slider to turn on eye tracking, which is still grayed out.



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The Vive Eye Pro I am using was not purchased by me. I am using it to set up eye tracking in a project of mine, so I created a Vive account in order to download the Vive_SRAnipalInstaller.  Would I need to download the msi file on the purchaser's account? 


Would this be why the Calibrate is grayed out and unclickable?

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