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Grabbed vive coz it was $100 off..


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I am long time oculus rift user(since dk2 to cv1 :D).. Anyway, I grabbed vive too coz it was $100 off during black friday and I had $100 gift card credit at amazon. haha.. Anyway, it's coming in today and I want to know what I should get today. Recommend me best wow fact games and apps. Oh.. and I see viveport saying 50% off but it doesn't look like there are any games. Am I missing something here? 


Also.. how's experience in vive? While Oculus CV1 is great, my biggest complain is screendoor effect and this annoying light bleeding problems. For example, when I use virtual desktop, screendoor effect is so bad unless I size all font too ridiculus size where I can no long track the whole screen without turning my head around and there's this light bleeding problem. It's like light is leaking out all over the places. It's not really noticeable on some games or apps but on virtual desktop, it's really annoying. Especially I watch movies on it, it's like this half invisible light bulb is shooting at my eyes. Does vive have this problem too? 

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Welcome to roomscale VR.

You want something to blow you away.

Try the blu, Google Earth, don't forget the lab

Don't for get you can use revive for all your rift games.

As for viveport it's more aimed at the non games apps the learning ones and the more imersive experiences.

Welcome to the forum enjoy let's us know your feedback on the vive

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, welcome to Vive! Wherever you've come from we're glad you're here.


As  mentioned and I'll back up, Viveport is primarily focused around non-game applications. Steam does an amazing job with games and we're not looking to replace them, but we feel VR has a lot more applications than just gaming. Hopefully Viveport will bring those to life. (Also hurry up if you want to pick up Viveport bargains - the offers end at 11:59PM Pacific tonight!)


I'd agree on TheBlu and Google VR, those are excellent experiences. If you're talking 'pure gameplay', Raw Data is a great choice for shooting robots; Vanishing Realms if you're into dungeons and swords; Onward is also often recommended.


There are some great free downloads too. The Lab is a must, along with Destinations (both from Valve); Accounting is a short but funny experience (especially if you're a Rick and Morty fan); Allumette and Pearl are beautiful stories; The Body VR can teach you loads about how your body works... and more. There's a lot of breadth. :)


Enjoy and I hope to see you posting here; if you have any questions just ask!

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