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Origin of Base station


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@sangyeop - SteamVR handles the location of the station's in a relative fashion. Borrowing from Steam's vr.chap documentation: Coordinates are specified in meters, where one of the base stations is usually used as the zero point of the coordinate system of a given universe (though ultimately all coordinates within a universe are relative to each other). Positive values on the Y axis are floorward, while negative values are ceiling/skyward. So there would only be a true origin for one unit (but it doesn't always center the universe around that point).

I've asked our R&D team if they can provide a more specific location on how that coordinate system is being generated because I can't find anything from Valve on this matter. Hunting around, I've seen two answers from researchers: some say it's the center of the physical unit, whereas others say it's at the center of the window (facing the player - see here).

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