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Vive.SR.Eye.SingleEyeData: gaze_direction_normalized

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Data Structure Vive.SR.Eye.SingleEyeData:

  • ulong eye_data_validata_bit_mask
  • float eye_openness
  • Unity.Engine.Vector3 gaze_direction_normalized
  • Unity.Engine.Vector3 gaze_origin_mm
  • float pupil diameter_mm
  • Unity.Engine.Vector2 pupil_position_in_sensor_area


Theoretically it should be possible to get the focused point by calculating the intersection point of the linear equation of each eye (left and right) using gaze_direction_normalized and gaze_origin_mm. 


When debugging the data, I recognized that the vector gaze_direction_normalized is the same for each eye, which doesn't make any sense. Do you have any explanations why this is so? did I misunderstood something during the calculation of the focused point?

Debugged Values:

                                                        Combined                   Left                           Right

gaze_direction_normalized     (0.0, -0.1, 1.0)          (0.0, -0.1, 1.0)          (0.0, -0.1, 1.0)    

gaze_origin_mm                       (3.0, 5.4, -44.3)        (32.4, 5.3, -44.3)       (-28,6, 5.6, -44.2) 


@Daniel_Y @Corvus

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On 2/24/2020 at 12:52 PM, Somnath said:

Hello Annabell can you please explain how are you getting gaze position from gaze direction and gaze origin. Gaze direction is normalized, how do i denormalize it

Hi Somnath

I am also interested in knowing how to denormalize the gaze direction vector. Have you found out anything?

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