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SR_runtime Upgrade Issues v1.1.0.1 -> v1.1.2.0

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Hi all,

as noted in this thread there is an error in v1.1.0.1, specifically when passing data through the EyeData struct. EyeData.timestamp is supposed to deliver milliseconds of time elapsed, but instead gives microseconds. This ends up surpassing the int size and looping around and giving a number like 18446744072381490631 (when cast as a ulong).

In v1.1.2.0 of SR_runtime.exe, this seems to have been addressed, and so when you case to a ulong , EyeData.timestamp will return something like 3327942. the precision is less also, by about 1000 (since these are no correctly milliseconds of time, and not microseconds). 

If you used timestamps and have upgraded (the SR_runtime does sort of encourage you strongly to upgrade) and your project is not behaving as expected, this could be the culprit.


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