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Is it possible to combine SRWorks with Vive Hand Tracking?


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I am trying to use the most recent SRWorks and Hand Tracking SDKs together, but have had no luck getting the hands to appear. I followed the steps posted by ZZY and this unfortunately did not work. Is there a new step that needs to be performed with the most recent SDKs?

SRWorks SDK:

Hand Tracking SDK: 0.9.4 @zzy

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Hi @jjoyner

Have you tried the hand tracking sample scene? Can you see your hands? It might take some time for the first run, please wait for 2 minutes and see if you can see your hand. It's recommended to wear the hmd and test with hand, not hold your hmd by one hand and put other hand in front of camera.

Which hmd are you using, Vive Pro or Cosmos?

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Hi @jjoyner

In SRWorks, please make sure GestureProvider script is attached to "[SRwork_FrameWork]/DualCamera (head)/RenderCamera (Left)" GameObject.

Please also make sure to attach the hand renderer prefabs so detected hands are visible.

Some hints for further troubleshooting:

  1. Are hand renderer objects enabled when you put up your hands? If object is not enabled or position is not updated, please make sure if hand detection starts correctly.
  2. If hand object position is updating, is the hand position correct? If hand position is not correct, I assume it's due to GestureProvider script attached to wrong object.
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