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Guys, the sitting experience is very subpar. When I am sitting in my char just wanting to experience the view of VR, but not really caring for use of the controllers (wanting to use mouse and keyboard or joystick). For example, the head is rarely lined up correct when sitting. In the oculus, you just hold a button for a couple of seconds and it resets the view. Here, if you don't get the circle correct when you first draw it and your head isn't in the right spot, you have to set the entire thing up again. Orientation is the biggest issue with this thing.

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Just press the right controller's little Vive button to call up Lense.  Then select the right setting button and if you scroll down you will see where you can adjust your height (+/-).  This seems to work ok and once you set it it seems to stick until you want to change it.  Some games/apps also have their own height and re-centre options.  Still would be nice to have a quick one-button re-centre function for the Cosmos.  I'm pretty sure that this is on their to-do list.

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@TomCgcmfc - thanks for sharing!

Hi @Cappy1,

Apologies on the issue you're experiencing with the sitting mode. I totally hear you regarding this and others as well. As TomCgcmfc mentioned, I've made a note for our engineering team to look at so this is on their radar. Sorry for this inconvenience. 




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