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001 errors after updating to 1.07


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Haven't played for over a week and updated and tried to play today.  Getting a lot of 001 errors now after the update.  Anyone else seeing this.  Wasn't getting this at all before.  Was able to play for an hour and took my headset off for a break came back and got an 001 error again.  

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Hey @Dahvis,

Apologies on the issue you're experiencing. Let's help you resolve this. I'll need a bit more information to help identify the root cause and share a solution:

1. 001 Error code: Headset is not connected - When you get this error, how are you troubleshooting this? Do you restart console? Or do you ignore and are able to play past it. 

2. Please share your computer specs make/model.

3. Submit an issue report so our engineering team can look into your logs to assist. Here are instructions on how to do this: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issue-through-vive-console/

4. One thing to check is your USB port: Device Manager > USB 3.0 > Properties> Untick " Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" 




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