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Serious Sam Classic locomotion not working


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Has anyone figured out how to get classic locomotion working on any of the Serious Sam VR games. It sees the controller as a vive controller and the joysticks won't work as a touchpad. I've tried the work around copying the openvr_api.dll for Fallout VR but that doesn't work.

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I tried this game before I eventually returned the Cosmos, couldn't see a way to move and it was pretty much insta-death.

You will probably need to try Steam VR bindings as mentioned in other posts. But let's face it, so many games have Cosmos control issues and you shouldn't have to be doing this on the whole. And even then, bindings may not work either.

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Hi @themax

Sorry about the issue you're experiencing. This sounds like a controller compatibility issue. This means that the developers of the VR title have not directly supported the new Cosmos controllers at the moment. While our content team is working closely with each developers to optimize their content, the workaround is to use the custom controller bindings provided by the Steam community. It's not perfect, but it is an option!

1. SteamVR

2. SteamVR Dashboard (three lines on top left corner)

3. Devices

4. Controller Settings

5. Select game (e.g. Gorn, Pavlov)

6. Select Cosmos controller (make sure your cosmos controllers are on)

7. Select Community Binding if available and apply. 

8. Play

Here's a great article you can read if you want to attempt to create your own bindings. If successful, you can share with the community to leverage!



@Dickytwo -  I think controller compatibility (new buttons) will be always be an issue with older content given the outdated plugins / version of the game. You'll notice for other new controllers introduced this year, they too experienced this and I'm glad SteamVR did the proactive step in creating the community bindings platform. They prepared a great alternative at scale. Nonetheless, this doesn't excuse us from the number of titles not being supported at launch and we apologize for that. The content team is working hard to prioritize all the popular titles to be compatible with Cosmos w/o bindings. 


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