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Room Scale VR/AR integration of real world objects


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i want to make a Scene with the combination of AR and VR. SRworks works fine for me but I have the Problem that I cant place the virtual objects in the Right Location of the real world. Ist hard to find the Right coordinates and I have the Feeling that the Unity Scene and ist Location Change sometime randomly and moves out of place. For example I would like to replace a real wall with a virtual wall to have a smooth Transition between the Worlds. or the Ground should be where the real Ground is. 

Can someone help me?

@Daniel_Y @reneeclchen

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A simpler way,

1. Perform 3D reconstruction like this video first and save the scanned result as OBJ.

2. Reload the OBJ into you scene.

3. Through SRWorks Unity API, ex: GetAllHorizontal(Vertical) / GetLargestHorizontal(Vertical) / GetColliderWithProperties( property array )to get your desired collider property for your virtual object placement.



4. Or, you could even perform 3D Semantic Segmentation like this video to find wall or floor. A Sample code provided in Experience_Unity > Assets > ViveSR_Experience > Scenes\Sample9 – Semantic Segmentation.



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