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I can buy the HTC Cosmos for 300$, should I?


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Hello guys, first of all i want to apologize in advance for my English.

So, i know a guy who knows a guy, so I can buy the new htc cosmos for 300$ (don't mentioned other products because in my country, its hard to get them) . I know that the cosmos have problems, even though i dont know what those problems even means because i'm new to the whole vr thing.

So, the last time I used vr was on the GEARVR on my old Samsung phone, I never used vr on pc. and I wanted to ask:

  1. In general, for 300$, it worth to buy the cosmos even with all the problems (which probably will be fixed in the future, right?)?
  2. the problems that everyone talks about is only on games? or it will be effect me even if i will watch a movie?
  3. When i watching a movie, can i do that from any distance i want to or i need to stay close to the pc? there is a distance limitations? I read online that when you want to play a game, you need to stay in space that you define when you setup your vr, right? so in movies, its the same like in games or can i watch movies in any distance from the pc i want?

Thanks for the help 🙂

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