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Cosmos Beta Release -


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2 hours ago, stvnxu said:

@TomCgcmfc -- Thanks for your participation and feedback!

@Dickytwo - Thanks for the extra notes on your feedback. Interesting finding on the carpet. Are you saying that on other types of floor you've tested works better than carpet? If you have the time, could you submit an issue report for our engineering team to look into that and address? In general, tracking improvements are in the works and the exact date for that next update is still TBD. I'll personally tag you when that Beta version is out!

@Hooflee - Could you help us submit an issue report for our engineering team to look into this? We won't let you down!!


Here are instructions to submit an issue report: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issue-through-vive-console/


Happy Friday!

@stvnxuLogs submitted. Can only test it on the room where my PC is so that is my only experience based on location. Hoping that the next update is definitive on improving tracking as we can't continually go on hoping that the next update will sort out the tracking.

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Another thing that is bugging me. I set up the chaperone borders and that's fine and works when using non-static games. However when I then want to do a static game whilst sitting at my PC which is by the border, I get the boundary permanently. Even when turning the transparency all the way down, I can still see it.

Can you provide a way to turn this completely off when not needed? And then back on when it is needed?

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So here are my testing results:

First I got several returns to desktop from console (console just closed) and problems running Arizona Sunshine and Synth Raiders which returned to Home App.

Since I was on Vive Beta and Steam VR Beta I decided to opt out of both, restarted the PC and tried again.
After I got no errors I activated Beta on Vive Console again but stayed on the official Steam VR release (yeah, I wasn't aware the is now official).

Arizona Sunshine and Synth Raiders now working without a problem.

This sunday has been a very cloudy and dark November day so the surrounding in our living room was also low lighted.
Even with this bad condition I got no low light warning displayed in my headset.

Doing shooter games for testing makes no sense as the tracking haven't been optimized towards that games yet.
So I did a very long Beat Saber session today because this is the best to test tracking at the moment.

I have been able to complete every single Campaign level today for the first time.
I guess this result is a combination of optimized tracking from HTC and some practice from me.
I got to say that I've been able to succeed a bit more and beat my highscores with every new beta update.

Most of the hits I do with the controllers held in front of me, they are tracked well then.
All notes I missed due to bad tracking were those where the controllers came from lower, middle and upper sides of my body.
This happened with slower movement and with faster ones aswell.
But the number of bad tracked movements is much lower than on Cosmos release.

For the low light sitiuation this is a good result.
Some more optimizing is still needed with the tracking on the sides and some hard work also on the bright light situations that I reported earlier.
Also looking forward to the rifle gun tracking updates which will be a milesstone aswell.

Overall I see you guys on the right train 😉


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