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VIVE Tracker battery full charged but not work - Instability


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Hi, i have a serious problem about vive tracker. I sell a B to B solution with multiple vive tracker.

I charged full the vive tracker until to have white led light.

I used 5 minutes for try, Ok, i disconnect vive tracker for stop. When i am back for retry 10 or 20 minutes after, tracker won"t to light ON. Impossible to light On. Always i need to recable the tracker to the PC for On again. i see the icon on steam VR. battery is full.

I have many customer who call me about this problem.  what is this problem with this issue, i already read this on the internet.

it looks like the tracker does not hold the charge. yet they have always been recharged with the cables provided by htc
I am really bored and I need more support from you. because I sell your equipment to customers who will then ask me for accounts.

So, i patient for understand how resolve this; is it a tracker problem or it it my system who be bad.

Best regards,

Loic (iMMERGENCE Studio)




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